Zhiyun Smooth-Q 3-Axis Gimbal with 1 year Warranty

by JSDPro
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Rs. 15,000.00
Rs. 10,620.00

 Zhiyun Smooth-Q applies the 5th Generation Honeycomb core technology. Compared with other gimbals of Smooth series, its motor performance and response rate is 40% and 30% improved respectively.

  • Maximum payload is 220g, allowing add-on lens with focal length in various specifications.
  • Kinds of fill light and many other photography accessories.
  • 50g gimbal body lighter than OSMO Mobile gimbal. 450g totally weight, with high molecular compound material, which is even lighter than a can of Coca Cola (330ML).
  • There is a 1/4" screw at the button, you can mount tripod on it. Convenient power output for real-time mobile charging. The USB port at the bottom supports 5V/2000mA power output, you can charge your phone while shooting. 
  • More than that, plug-in soft lights and other extended accessories are available as well.
  • Splash and Snowy weather are acceptable.
  • It can rotate freely even under extremely high temperature (up to 45℃)and low temperature (minus 15℃).
  • No need counterweight any more.
  • Featuring advanced electronic tech allows one-step balancing by simply adjusting the knob on the rolling axis.
  • The built-in 26650 Li-ion battery of Smooth-Q enables 12-hour continuous ultra-long work time.
  • Meanwhile, it is rechargeable by connecting to mobile power supply.
  • Smooth-Q has buttons to Photo/Record, Zoom In/Out and Get Rear Camera/Selfie Mode Transferred.
  • Updated APP-ZY PLAY APP supports Auto-Tracking, Time-Lapse and Filter Options.

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