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PROAIM Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Pan Tilt Head for Camera Jib Crane, Payload- 15kg/33lb

PROAIM Spin-3 (3-Axis) Motorized Pan Tilt Head for Camera Jib Crane, Payload- 15kg/33lb

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The Proaim Spin-3 Pan-Tilt with Joystick Control remotely controls your Camera when it's mounted on a jib or crane.
The Spin-3 Pan/Tilt runs conveniently on 12 VDC from either a battery pack or the included AC power supply.
No jib is complete without a motorized pan/tilt head, and the Spin-3 Pan tilt’s robust yet light construction, the universal mounting base and intuitive control box makes it a breeze to set up and operate on virtually any jib.
The universal camera plate is adjustable for different sized setups and can support film and video cameras weighing up to 15kg / 33lb.
The precisely designed Head gives you incredible freedom of movement and gets you cinematic footage virtually anywhere.

The technologically advanced 3-Axis Spin-3 pan-tilt head ensures a perfect camera balance and offers smooth camerawork at all times.
It can be mounted vertically or underslung. The Head will pan tilt and roll through 360°, and this enables the camera to point directly upwards or downwards when required.
Three high-quality coreless motors and backlash-free gears work precisely, quietly and dynamically. The motor drive can be easily disengaged to balance the Camera on the camera plate.
The high strength brass gears are engineered to withstand long hours of functions and have minimal wear and tear.



Speed Controller
The Speed Controller adjusts the speed of pan tilt & dutch roll based on the requirement of the shot.

Dead Spot
The dead spot prevents the head from stopping suddenly with a jerk.

Damping Control
Damping control prevents the Head from stopping with a jerk enabling you to achieve smooth endings.

Pan Tilt Roll Direction
You can reverse the panning & tilting direction as & when required.


Precision CNC machining, rigorous parts inspection, and thorough individual unit testing ensure A-grade quality, which serves for the lifetime.
Technological advancements make the unit light, smooth and easy to operate.
The high-quality carrying bag with custom-fit foam protects the Pan-Tilt Head for storage and transport via air or land.


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