JSD Pro's Andoer NP-F970 to V-Mount Battery Converter Adapter Plate with 2X NP-F970 Batteries & 2X Battery Charger

by JSD Pro
Save 5%
Rs. 10,000.00
Rs. 9,500.00
  • Andoer V mount Battery Kit at Half the price of V mount battery
  • Andoer V mount Battery can covert two F Series battery plate into V-mount battery. You can put 2 NP-F series batteries onto the V-mount battery adapter, and use it as a BP lithium/V mount battery. Applicable to lithium battery of F550/750/970 input. Applicable to the input of V type BP battery and D-TAP type. 7.2V voltage input, voltage 13.0V - 16.8V output. Input circuit and output circuit protected by design. LED lamp shows the electricity.
  • Applicable to LED lamp, HD monitor, 5D suit , etc.
  • Kit include: 1. Andoer V mount plate, 2. 2nos. of NP-F970 batteries 3. 2 Nos.of NP-F970 battery Charger

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