JSD Pro Zhiyun Cloud Lens Super Wide Angle + Macro + Fisheye Selfie Outward Facing Lens

by JSD Pro
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Zhiyun Cloud Lens is a super wide angle lens to capture a much wider field of view, designed for mobile photography. With excellent optical performance, up to 99.3% of the transmittance lowers the single reflectivity from 4.2% to 0.5% or less and makes your phone camera have 115° super wide view, can let you have unexpected experience during scenic photography.

  • Super Wide Angle View: A phone can capture about 60% field of view in front of itself. But the wide-angle lens can make your phone have 115° super wide view when mount the lens on your phone. Its performance is better than that of ordinary lenses in the market.
  • Special Lens Brings High Quality Imaging: The lens of Cloud Lens consists of 3 sets, 3 pieces. High transmittance: Above 99.3%, make the single reflectivity decreases from 4.2% to 0.5% or less, eliminating ghost. Excellent optical performance ensures the restore of color high fidelity and edge High-Definition imaging.
  • Keep Image Distortion-free: The edge of pictures that taken by using ordinary wide-angle lens will sharply deviate from the horizon. But the distortion-free wide-angle lens won't influence the imaging of photos when it broadens field of view.
  • Cloud Lens can clamp not only on your smartphone, but also on many tablet computers. The photos that taken by using Cloud Lens will have better imaging effect. The lens clip adopts the easy-to-use design, convenient to switch between front-facing camera and rear camera. Can use with gimbal and smartphone for amazing videos. Its excellent field of view can provide many different scenes when compared with phone recording, making your video editing more pleasing.

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