JSD PRO® -JSD-WSG-61 Dual - Super Gold - Compatible with All Type of Smartphones - Dual Wireless Microphone

by JSD Pro
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  • JSD WSG-61 Wireless Lavalier Microphone 2.4g Compact Microphone System Clip-on Lavare Mic For Podcast Type-C Podcast Vlog YouTube
  • plug and play. plug in the receiver to automatically connect when activated 360° pick-up without dead angle. high-density anti-spray sponge, high-sensitivity microphone, 360° no dead angle radio, fast response, delicate sound quality, reduce interference from the surrounding environment, record every detail of sound 20 meter barrier-free connection, plus free check-in. high-performance wireless microphone, stable signal, more than 20 meters barrier-free distance, unlimited free recording
  • intelligent noise reduction, built-in decoding chip. built-in noise reduction chip, strong anti-interference ability, can effectively identify the original sound, and can still record clearly in a noisy environment Built-in long battery life, long-term use without electricity. Built-in 150mah battery, 10 hours ultra-long battery life, short video recording, unhindered on-site recording, easy to deal with in various noisy environments, worry-free shooting, to meet the needs of your day
  • compatible with multiple devices. support for mobile phones, cameras, notebooks, etc., devices with a microphone interface can be easily connected and used
  • JSD Pro is a trusted name in selling Photo, Video and Cinema equipment

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