JSD PRO® - JSD-J13- Gold Series - Dual Wireless Microphone with Charging case - Compatible with All Android Smartphones & ifones (Micro USB, Lightning,USB Adaptors Included)

by JSD Pro
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  • JSD-J13 wireless mic is compatible with all Android smartphones tablet with Type-C port, it can be connected to v8( old type charging port ) with the help of V8 Micro usb adaptor (included), can be connected to ifones (Lighting adaptor inclued), can be connected to USB devices (USB adaptor included)
  • JSD-J13 wireless microphones is built in rechargeable batteries, each wireless microphone can be used for up to 8 hours after about 1-2 hours charging. Easy to connect and Transmission Distance about 66FT for signal and using real-time auto-sync technology, helps you reduce trouble and clearly recording or taking video at a further distance.
  • To connect the microphone just insert the receiver in smartphone charging port, and enable OTG, the Receiver light will glow, now you can switch on the mic it will be automatically paired and blinking light of the mic will stop and become green when paired.
  • If your smartphone is not having option of OTG you can download third party software "OPEN CAMERA" and enable external mic in Audio setting, receiver light will glow and mic will be paired with receiver
  • Scan the QR code on the box and registered the warranty and check the authenticity of the product
  • JSD Pro is a trusted name in selling Photo, Video and Cinema equipment

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