HARISON Fluorescent Spiral CFL Lamps for Still and Video

by JSD Pro
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Rs. 10,745.00
Rs. 9,300.00

This kit is an excellent package for portraits, product photography and video shoots. The trilux lights provides an even and diffused spread. They emit a soft continuous light using compact fluorescent spiral lamps. Two 46cm x 46cm softboxes are provided with this kit for softening and diffusing the light output. The harison mini tower light stands are also a part of this package. Max height of stand : 230 cm 7. 5 feet.

  • 1 Piece my pod bag that can hold 2 quadlux mark light and softbox and cables, 1 piece stand pack em bag for carry two light stands
  • Local such as octori, where-ever applicable would be charged extra
  • 2 Pieces harison trilux mark ii light head and 2 piece AC power cord length 3. 6 meters 12 feet
  • 2 Pieces softbox 46 cm x 46 cm, 2 piece light stand mini tower

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